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Bribie Tigers Registration Fees

Registration Fees

The registration fees for the 2022 season can be found below.

For the 2022 season, registration fees will include the supply of one pair of Club branded football socks, one pair of shorts and one training shirt per player.  Senior men’s and women’s team players will also receive a branded polo shirt.

Fees include GST, where applicable.

$5 of the registration fee includes a Club membership fee.  This is payable per family.  Second and subsequent players registering from the same family can request this element of their registration fee be refunded, or it would be gratefully received as a donation to support the development of the Club.  Please e-mail Stu Cooper, Club Treasurer stating your preference in such circumstances.

A player’s age group is the age the player turns during the 2022 calendar year (i.e. turning 9 in 2022 will be Under 9’s)

Details of how to register can be found here.

How are fees set each year?

In the lead up to each season, the committee goes through a forward budget setting process to inform at what level to set member fees.  Bribie Tigers is a not for profit organisation.  All player fees are used to run and develop the organisation for the benefit of the membership.

When establishing the budget, costs are broken down into three different areas – administration, predicted maintenance and team specific costs.

Administration costs are those associated with the core running of the organisation.  These include electricity for the Club house, postage, stationary, cleaning and IT related expenses.  All players pay a proportion of this total cost equally.

Predicted maintenance costs are to those to maintain the infrastructure of the Clubhouse and ancillary buildings, such as the toilet and changing rooms, as well as line painting of the fields.  All players pay a proportion of this total cost equally.

Team specific costs are allocated to each team individually, depending upon the predicted costs per team.  This includes electricity for floodlights, end of year trophies, presentation day and referees costs.  Fees are only proportioned to teams that incur that expense.  For example, the U6/7 teams are not allocated any referee fees since official referees are not required at their matches, floodlight electricity costs are only allocated to teams training or playing matches under floodlight.  Referee costs vary from U13 upwards, increasingly incrementally with each age group and does vary between senior teams.

Once the total costs have been established, a prediction is made about the total number of player registrations that are expected to register for the coming Season.  Fees are then divided, taking into account team specific variances, by this total number to reach a per player cost.  These are then added to the affiliation fees, which are charged to each player by Football Federation Australia and Football Queensland, to make the total registration fee per age group.

Registration Fees – Miniroos & Junior Players

Team/Age Group 2022 fees
U6-U7 $252.50
U8-U9 $252.50
U10-U11 $252.50
U12 $252.50
U13-U14 $334
U15-U16 $363
U17-U18 $363


Registration Fees – Senior Players

Team/Age Group 2022 fees
Senior Women $449.50
Senior Men $454.50
Over 35 and Over 45 Teams $400

Payment Options

There are two ways of paying your registration fees –

Preferred method – Pay fees at the time of registration

The Club’s preferred payment method is for players to pay via PlayFootball, which can be done at the time of registration.

By paying via this method your affiliation fees are deducted automatically, with the Club only receiving it’s proportion of your fee, which reduces administration.  It also ensures that Club has access to your Club fees from early on in the season meaning we have sufficient funds to cover the cost of running the Club.

Direct Debit

Registration fees are due at the time of registration.

The Club does recognise however that some player families get benefit from being able to pay the registration fees in a staged way rather than by way of a single payment.  For this reason the Club does offer the opportunity to pay some fees by direct debit.  Paying via direct debit is arranged for you by the Club via an organisation known as Pay Advantage.  Pay Advantage do charge you a small fee to use their service per transaction.  They will also charge you a fee each time a direct debit payment is rejected by your bank.  The payment of all charges is the responsibility of the player.

Details of Pay Advantage fees can be found here

The Club offers players the opportunity to pay the Club only proportion of fees split over 8 weeks.  Affiliation fees however need to be paid up front via bank transfer into the Club’s bank account.

If you would like to pay by direct debit, at the time of registration in PlayFootball, opt to make an offline payment.  Please then e-mail Stu Cooper, Club Treasurer who will send you the relevant information and form to complete.

The offer to pay via direct debit is at the sole discretion of the Club management committee.  Where a player has defaulted on direct debits in previous years, the committee reserve the right not to extend this payment option again.  Where two direct debit payments fail then the direct debit will be cancelled and a player’s remaining registration fee will become payable immediately.  Players may be suspended from playing until the remaining fees are paid.  No refund of fees paid will routinely be made unless an application for exceptional circumstances is made in line with the Club’s refund policy.

Other Payment Options

If you wish to pay your full registration fees up front but are unable to make an on line payment via PlayFootball then please contact Stu Cooper, Club Treasurer to discuss other options

Fair Play Vouchers

Bribie Island Soccer Football Club is a Get Started Club and does accept Fair Play vouchers as part payment for fees. Fair Play vouchers are a Queensland Government initiative which can assist young people from eligible families get involved in a range of activities.

If you wish to pay part of your fees by this method please select to pay off line when registering in PlayFootball and e-mail Stu Cooper, Club Treasurer.

Refund Policy

Refunds of registration fees once paid cannot routinely be offered and are available only in very exceptional circumstances.

The Club registration and refund policy can be found here