bribie island tigers football questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find out which field at the Club I am playing on, or where a different Club is located for an away fixture?

The Club’s field map can be found here.  On game days, field allocations for each game are displayed outside the Clubhouse.  Alternatively speak to one of our ground officials who can be seen wearing orange fluorescent jackets.

Details of other Clubs in in the Football Queensland Metro playing zone can be found here.

How can I keep right up to date with what’s happening at the club?

The best way to keep right up to date is to follow us on Facebook. That’s where we post all the latest news – which also appears on the website in all the “News” sections.

Simply click the “Follow Us On Facebook” button at the top of this page.

When & how can I register to play?

Registrations open in early January of each year.

Please bear in mind that the season starts in in late March, so if you want the full value of your registration fee, you need to register early so you can start playing from the beginning of the season.

Information about how to register can be found here.

When does the season start and finish?

Our season officially starts at the end of March and the finishes during late August of each year.

What age group will I, or my child, play in?

Players play in the age they turn that year.
For example, if your child is playing in the 2022 season, and turns 7 that year, they will play in the Under 7′s. Children who are turning 5 or 6 in that particular year will play in the Under 6′s.

Children under the age of 4 are able to join our Kick Off programme, which is run at different times throughout the season.

Players can play below their age group and can play up to 2 age groups above their own with approval.

For any queries please

Can I play in the same team as my friends?

Where possible we aim to place friends or siblings in the same team, however, this is not always possible, particularly in the U12 and older teams.

Please bear in mind that if your child is placed in a team where they don’t know any other players, they will have the opportunity to make new friends – THIS IS A GOOD THING – It broadens the child’s horizons and helps them interact and develop new friendships.  Our coaches are experienced at team building and development.

What do players need to wear during training and games?

To training players need to wear comfortable clothing, including shin pads, long socks and football boots.

Playing a Game
The Club has a strict dress code when players are representing the Club at competition matches or official events.  At such times  players must wear the Club’s competition jersey, black shorts and socks along with shin pads and football boots.  Jerseys will be supplied by the Club at no cost on a wear and return basis.

Kit Purchase
Shin pads and football boots can be purchased from any good sports store, eg: Rebel Sports.  The Club canteen stocks shorts and socks at the start of each season for purchase at competitive prices.  Sports shirts to wear during training are also available, although not compulsory.

Bribie Tigers is a member of the Rebel Sport Community Kickbacks scheme.  The scheme enables the Club to earn instore credits at Rebel to update our sporting equipment.  When you make a purchase at Rebel please mention Bribie Tigers and the Club will receive a credit equivalent to 5% of your total spend at no cost to you.

Where and when does my team have training?  When are competition matches played?

All teams train on weekday nights, at the Club’s soccer fields.  Training times vary.

All our coaches and managers are volunteers – training times reflect the coaches availability around their work and family commitments.  Players are allocated to a team on registration following which the team coach will provide further information with respect to training sessions.

For our seniors teams (aged 18 years+), competition matches usually take place on a Friday evening for the women’s team and on a Saturday for the men’s team, although occasionally fixtures can happen at other times.  Miniroo players from U6-U12 play matches on a Saturday morning.  Junior players from U13-U18 play on Friday evening or Sunday.

If you are interested in becoming a coach, we’d love to hear from you.  Further information can be found here.

Who is my child’s Coach and Manager?

The Club is run is entirely run by volunteers.

Coaches and team Managers come from a very wide range of backgrounds.

You will be contacted by your coach or team manager at the beginning of the season to introduce themselves and let you know about training and how everything will work.

Please remember that coaches and team managers are volunteers who give their time freely to support the Club and it’s players.  Please treat them with the utmost courtesy and respect.

If ever you have any questions or problems, your coach or team manager should always be your first port of call and if they’re not sure, they will contact the Club’s Committee on your behalf.

Please Note: The appointment of all Coaches and Managers remains at the sole discretion of Bribie Island Tigers Soccer Football Club’s Committee.

Can I Coach or Manage my child’s team?

ABSOLUTELY!  In Fact, we would encourage you to get involved.

The club is run entirely by volunteers and without the help of people like you, the Club simply could not function.

Many of our coaches or team managers are parents.  For further information please see here.

Please Note: The appointment of all Coaches and Managers remains at the sole discretion of Bribie Island Tigers Soccer Football Club’s Committee.

Who do I contact when there’s bad weather, on training or game days?

If there’s one thing that’s completely out of our control, it’s mother nature!

In the case of bad weather on training nights or on game days, the best person to contact is always your coach or team manager as they will have been notified by the Club of any field closures.  On game days Sunshine Coast Football has a live system which shows any field closures across the region, which can be viewed here.

Please DO NOT call the Association or the Club’s Committee members, only contact your Coach or Manager.

What do I do if I’m sick, or can’t make it to training or a game?

We understand that sometimes players get sick or something comes up that’s prevents them from attending training or a game.

Once again, you should always contact your coach or team manager to let them know as early as possible.

Coaches and team managers take the time to plan and organise game plays, training drills, match positions, etc.  Not being aware of a players non attendance means that the coach can not take any steps required to re-organise the team.

PLEASE… don’t leave it until the last minute to let them know, contact them asap to give them as much notice as possible.

After all… It’s just common courtesy anyway!

How can I get more involved with the Club?

The Club has a wide range of volunteering opportunities, from on field support as a coach, team manager or ground official, to off field roles in the canteen/bar, maintenance & facilities team or supporting club administration.

Even if you only have a few hours to spare, we’d love you hear from you.  Please contact Nicole Jones, Vice President who will be delighted to hear from you.

The Club is a not for profit organisation and welcomes business wishing to work with the Club as sponsors.  For further details please see here.